Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – UN Global Compact

International IT Limited enforces, subscribes and adheres to the 10 principles of UN Global Compact.
We believe in fair and transparent global trade and making IT happen!

International IT’s Values

We will work with our Business Partners, Resellers, End Users and Suppliers in a professional, constructive, socially responsible and ethical manner to get the best result for all parties.


We are committed to earning the right to become your partner of choice in collaboration with Business Partners and Resellers globally, with a strong focus on making IT happen! We keep our promises and meet or exceed your expectations.

Communication & Continuous Learning

International IT believes in continuous improvement and training, to continue adding more value to Business Partners, Resellers, End Users and Suppliers.
International IT also partners with Brainy Dyslexics to provide teacher training for vulnerable children and children with special educational needs as well as reviews of capacities and capabilities of existing programmes.
International IT believes in giving back to society and volunteers as business mentors in the local community.


Our values are based on protecting and enhancing a multicultural foundation in a global marketplace. We work globally to earn the trust of our partners and customers by delivering to the highest ethical standards.


We are transparent, develop clear, measurable objectives and hold ourselves accountable for agreed goals – we stand up and take ownership.


Through partnership, innovation and global reach.

Code of Conduct

Equal rights of all humans with no discrimination based on sex, religion, culture, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. It is International IT’s responsibility to ensure equal rights for all.

We are all different, but we are all human

International IT cherishes the differences in everyone we work with and respects every person’s human rights.

UN Global Compact Principles and International IT Limited

International IT is committed to uphold the 10 principles of UN Global Compact.

United Nations
United Nations
Non Governmental Organisations

Human Rights - Labour - Anti-Corruption

International IT will support and respect the protection of human rights.

International IT will defend human rights and not participate in any abuse of human rights.

International IT upholds the freedom of association and recognises the right to collective bargaining.

International IT will not in it’s own right nor work with partners using forced labour.

International IT will not in it’s own right nor work with partners using forced labour.

International IT will not tolerate any discrimination of any sort from any partner.


International IT commits to take an environmental friendly approach to it’s business.

International IT will promote environmental responsibility with it’s partners.


International IT will promote and market environmentally friendly technologies


International IT actively encourages whistleblowing and will not tolerate corruption in any form. Furthermore International IT Limited enforces a whistleblowing policy without repercussion for the whistleblower.


International IT Limited is registered with the United Nations with registration number 500692.


*International IT is registered with United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) with number 500 692.